How Double Your Dating Changed My life

I was standing in a long line at the grocery store and there was this gorgeous girl right behind me. She was everything I ever wanted in a girl, beautiful, she seemed down to earth, and hot. Oh man, so hot.

Just imagine, the most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen… gorgeous eyes, beautiful hair…and a body to die for. My heart actually started beating faster and faster! I couldn’t resist taking a few glances as I pretended to look at something else in the distance…

During this whole time, I was thinking: “What can I say??!

I needed something smart to say, something clever, something that wouldn’t be out of place! I figured she MUST get hit on all day by guys just like me, so I didn’t want to sound like a guy that was trying to pick her up… but I wanted her to like me. I TRIED to think of something to say, but in reality, my mind was a BLANK.

And you know what I did?


I had the PERFECT opportunity to strike up a casual conversation with this cute girl, all by herself, bored, ready for some chit-chat. Instead I was conquered by my own inner fears of not wanting not wanting to cause an awkward moment or be laughed at. I was ignorant when it came to women and it hurt to think that I might end up ALONE while everyone else was having fun. I know I’m pretty hard on myself even though I try not to be.

That’s when I realized I had ENOUGH of being bad with women, I needed to get this part of my life handled once and for all. I set out to do whatever I had to do so I wouldn’t EVER feel horrible like that again. I wanted to be able to know what to do in that situation so I could actually TALK to her, get her attracted to me and then go on a date with her.

How I became seriously good with women
So I started reading some forums and someone mentioned that David DeAngelo was really the best place to start if I wanted to learn how to talk and create attraction in women. He posted information about one of his techniques, cocky and funny. Saying about how it was the best thing since sliced bread and how it really helped him save his relationship with his girlfriend.

Guys who have read his book have described it as “Going in on one side of the tunnel and coming out, new and transformed on the other side“. Their words, not mine.

He also told me that the book would help me with my “not being able to say ANYTHING when there’s the most gorgeous girl of my life standing less than 3 feet away from me!” problem. Curiosity got the best of me and I searched the web for more information about his book, Double Your Dating. I found a bunch of people talking about it, including some really good reviews on a few sites. I’m really picky so I did a lot of research before even considering it and everywhere I looked, people kept said great things about it.

So I did it. I went to the official Double Your Dating page, and then started reading his stuff. Ha! You should of seen the smile on my face! I was excited. It was like I had found the Holy Grail of answers! Fireworks were going off in my head, “OHHH that’s why SHE did that!” and “OHH i HAVE to say that next time!“. Seriously, it was amazing.

Reading the book
I stayed up ALL night reading his book ( I bought it at 10:30pm ). I remember the sun coming out and the birds started singing at 5am… I had been reading for over 6 hours straight and my eyes were hurting! I just couldn’t stop. I think I eventually passed out in bed with my laptop opened beside me, but I honestly can’t remember that part.

After reading the book, I felt I had all the knowledge to successfully talk to a girl I had never met before, create massive attraction, get her number AND have her excited to go out with me. I was literally smiling for a day straight after I realized that I KNEW how attract girls now!

What I found the most useful in his book was when he explained what creates attraction among people and how you just “turn it on” to attract the women that you like. When he explains the concept in the book, he tells you how to apply it and tell you what specific steps you have to take in order to achieve real life results. This is why the book it unforgettable, it’s not something you read once and put aside, it stays with you for the rest of your life.

My new life
Just one week after reading the book, I randomly ran into Laura, she’s a friend I’ve had for a long time…

I used to like her, a LOT.

So you could imagine my surprise when I randomly ran into her in a coffee shop, about 8 months after the last time we talked. As we talked, I starting doing and saying the special things that were written in the book to create attraction… and you’ll never guess what happened. She started complimenting me on my looks, talking about how I’ve changed and how we should really hang out soon.

Double Your Dating changed my life, incited me to make this page and is my most highly recommended book to guys who’ve felt like me. Now I can ACTUALLY say something when a cute girl is standing beside me. I can get her smiling, laughing and usually she ends up giving me her number without me even asking. I can guarantee it works because I’m living proof. I would not be the same if I hadn’t read his book.

This book isn’t for anyone but if you’re serious about improving with women David DeAngelo’s, and I personally think that Double Your Dating is a must read.